CoinMart raises 2.8 million euros

CoinMart raises 2.8 million euros

CoinMart, a Dutch cryptocurrency broker, has raised 2.8 million euros. The funding comes from IDG Capital, which is also announcing a partnership with the crypto broker. This brings the platform’s total funded amount to 14.3 million euros.

CoinMart is a cryptocurrency broker that is based in the Netherlands, though it operates across Europe. According to the platform, it offers 200 cryptocurrency coins. It has recently launched its own AI assistant, called Alpha. By doing so, the company hopes to make trading in crypto more accessible to a greater audience.

Funding of 3 million dollars

Today, the broker announces that it has raised 3 million dollars (2.8 million euros) at IDG Capital. This brings the total funding raised to 15.5 million dollars (14.3 million euros). The capital injection will be used to expand its workforce.

CoinMart wants to attract more talent, to continue innovating the platform.

The platform also wants to strengthen its position in Europe. It is currently working on innovating its product, to be in compliance with the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation.

‘Vote of confidence in the industry’

“For IDG Capital to partner with us in this way is a vote of confidence from one of the most respected investment firms in both us and the crypto industry. It opens doors for us to future growth and opportunities, and we are greatly looking forward to working together”, said George Popescu, founder and CEO.



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