Privacy & cookies

Investment platforms is a website owned by the Dutch internet publishing house Zietuwel. On this page we’ll inform you about how this website handles cookies and what the effects of those cookies are on your privacy.

Official cookie notification
This website uses cookies to personalize ads, to offer social media functions and to analyze our website traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising- and analytics partners. They can then combine that data with other information that you’ve shared with them or that they’ve gathered based on your use of their services.

Explanation: what do we do with your data?

We prefer not to share any data with third parties, to guarantee your privacy. Sadly, to run our business, we have to share data. Advertising partners want to know about our website visitors and sometimes we’ll need to share a user profile with them. Sometimes we share total amounts of visitors. We get these numbers from Google Analytics, but these stats are always anonymous.

We don’t use cookies or other tracking technology ourselves to personalize content or ads. Ads are focused on our content, which means that if you’re interested in our content, they will probably match your profile. We don’t have any insight into that. We do, however, use technology of third parties, who can collect data with that.

What do third parties do with your data?

We actively use third party solutions on this website. As a result, it cannot be ruled out that these parties, such as Google, may have access to certain data. We also try to keep the usage of cookies to a minimum here. In AdSense or Analytics we exclude the tracking of these cookies (retargeting), for example. These partners may be able to combine the information you’ve shared with other websites/services or the data that they’ve gathered based on you using their services.

Parties that can gather your data from our website:

  • Google AdSense: in shown ads.
  • Disqus: through allowing reactions on our website
  • Google Analytics: through gathering (anonymous!) visitors statistics
  • YouTube: through embedding videos
  • Facebook, Linkedin and/or Twitter: through embedding social media buttons
  • Affiliate networks: through analyzing their ad results on our website