Bondora increases Go and Grow limit

Bondora increases Go and Grow limit

European lending platform Bondora has increased the monthly investment limit on its auto-invest product called Go & Grow. Existing investors can now invest up to 700 euros automatically per month.

Bondora is a European peer-to-peer lending platform. It has been active for 15 years already and according to the platform, over 763 million euros have been invested into the platform. It has more than 200,000 active investors, who have collectively earned 93 million euros.

Up to 6.75% returns

Up until now, existing investors could auto-invest up to 400 euros per month on the classic Go & Grow version. Since August, the product has been restricted to existing investors. They can receive up to 6.75 percent returns with the solution.

Go & Grow Unlimited remains unchanged.

Now, the platform has announced that the monthly investment limit on the classic product has increased to 700 euros. Users who joined the platform after August 24th last year are using Go & Grow Unlimited, which remains unchanged. These investors can invest unlimited amounts, with returns of four percent.

‘700 euros is magic number for shared growth’

“As you know, we use data and research to help us make decisions that will keep our platform stable for you, our investors. And so we’re happy to say that 700 euros is the magic number for our shared sustainable growth”, said the platform in a blog post.

‘We are building a secure platform so users can feel confident in growing their money.’

“We understand you want to invest your money securely and with peace of mind. From our side, that means building a secure platform so you can feel confident in growing your money and reaching your financial goals.”



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