Crowdcube joins RetailBook

Crowdcube joins RetailBook

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has joined RetailBook, a new retail investment platform. Crowdcube users can now participate in IPOs on the same terms as institutional investors.

Crowdcube is a British equity crowdfunding platform. In April, it started a partnership with Octopus Investments to expand its investing product suite. Thanks to that partnership, users can invest in Venture Capital Trusts, which include companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

IPO investing

Now, it is adding IPO investing to its platform, by joining RetailBook. RetailBook was previously called REX. It allows retail investors to take part in capital market transactions like IPOs and follow-on share sales through retail brokers.

‘Our partnership indicates our commitment to the UK listings market.’

Crowdcube’s users will now be able to invest in these products, which are usually only accessible to institutional investors. “The UK listings market has experiences substantial headwinds”, said Matt Cooper, co-CEO of Crowdcube. “Nevertheless, our partnership indicates our commitment to the UK market and what we expect to see a change in sentiment later in the year.”

Democratizing access to capital markets

“As the tides shift and listings regain momentum later in the year, we want to ensure that retail investors reap benefits equal to those enjoyed by institutional investors. The partnership marks a significant step forward in democratizing access to the capital markets and providing retail investors with equal opportunities to participate in the growth of exciting businesses. It also creates one of the largest single pools of retail investors in the UK to which a company may market their IPO.”



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