HeavyFinance grows user base in Europe

HeavyFinance grows user base in Europe

HeavyFinance, an agricultural investment platform from Lithuania, has surpassed 8.000 registered investors. This is in part thanks to growth in Germany, France and Spain. In addition, HeavyFinance’s users have invested nearly 1 million euros in green loans for carbon certificates.

HeavyFinance is a peer-to-peer lending platform based in Lithuania. On the website, users can invest in agricultural loans with a minimum investment amount of 100 euros and a 12.33 percent return on average.

More users from Germany, France and Spain

In an email to investors, HeavyFinance reports it now has around 8.000 investors. This is partly thanks to a growing user base in Germany, France and Spain. This past March, the platform had raised 3 million euros to further expand its presence in Europe.

HeavyFinance has funded 34 million euros to date.

“We are happy to see that the growth is heavily accelerated by new German, French, and Spanish investors who see agriculture as a great sector to diversify their portfolios and make some real positive impact in fighting climate change,” the platform writes. To date, HeavyFinance has funded 34 million euros in European agricultural loans.

1 million towards green loans

Additionally, the platform reports that nearly 1 million euros has been put towards green loans that expose users to the carbon credit market. On HeavyFinance, users can invest in small-to-medium farming businesses that adopt sustainable practices. Projects are based in Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria. On average, loans are 36.000 euros with a duration of 32 months.


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