Seedrs: investment more than doubled in 2021

Seedrs: investment more than doubled in 2021

English equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has raised 834 million euros (696 million pounds) in 2021. That is more than double the amount invested the year before. Seedrs is a big market player, having raised a total of 2 billion euros since launch.

The investments were put into a total of 310 projects in the past year, of which around 100 campaigns raised over 1,1 million euros. The end-of-year numbers follow an already record-breaking first six months for the platform.

33 European businesses funded

Over 2021, more than 170 thousand individual investments were made from investors located in 74 countries. In Europe, Seedrs has funded 33 businesses in the past year with a total amount of 40 million euros.

The company, which was recently acquired by American investment platform Republic, says it wants to accelerate their European expansion as it is their ‘next key growth market’, their statement reads. Seedrs’ expansion plans coincide with the European Union recently approving new EU-wide crowdfunding rules, providing more possibilities on an international scale.

Secondary market increased by 60 percent

Seedrs is known for its secondary market where users can buy and sell shares. In the past year, over 9 million euros was traded on the marketplace – an increase by 60 percent compared to 2020.

In the past year over 9 million euros was traded on the marketplace.

In addition, Seedrs launched their service for high net worth investors in October of 2021. Three months down the line, the network now consists of 1000 self-certified angel investors, Seedrs says. The crowdfunding platform is also continuing their rollout of venture fund LP investments.

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