43 platforms approved for EU license

43 platforms approved for EU license

So far, 43 European crowdfunding platforms have been approved for the new European Crowdfunding Service Provider license. There is a large portion of platforms on the list coming from the Netherlands (12 of them).

The latest addition to the list of approved platforms is Zinbaustein, a German real estate investing platform. So far, the Netherlands is still the country with the most registered platforms. However, there is an increase in registrations in other countries as well.

Only two licenses in the DACH region

In January, Invesdor became the first financing platform in the DACH region to receive the ECSP license. With the addition of Zinbaustein, there are now two licenses in that region. Sweden has five licensed platforms now and in France, the first ten platforms have received their license.

Platforms have until November 10th to get the ECSP license.

Platforms that want to receive the license have got until the deadline of November 10th. There are currently no licenses approved in Switzerland and Italy yet, so the crowdfunding platforms in those countries will need to make haste.

List of approved platforms

Here is the list of the currently approved platforms:

  1. Crowdcube (Spain)
  2. CrowdedHero (Latvia)
  3. Lendahand (the Netherlands)
  4. Villyz (France)
  5. Oneplanetcrowd (the Netherlands)
  6. Spreds (Belgium)
  7. SeedBlink Crowd (Romania)
  8. NLInvesteert (the Netherlands)
  9. Kapitaal op Maat (the Netherlands)
  10. Fellow Funders (Spain)
  11. ZIB (the Netherlands)
  12. Enerfip (France)
  13. Fundeen (Spain)
  14. Beefordeal (France)
  15. Horeca Crowdfunding (the Netherlands)
  16. Wefunder (the Netherlands)
  17. Urbanitae Real Estate Platform (Spain)
  18. Soul Invest (France)
  19. Evenfi (Spain)
  20. Savelend (Sweden)
  21. Invesdor (Austria)
  22. Eaktiebok (Sweden)
  23. CrowdyBee (France)
  24. Crowdestate (Estonia)
  25. Bolsa Social (Spain)
  26. CrowdAboutNow (the Netherlands)
  28. Geldvoorelkaar.nl (the Netherlands)
  29. Tessin (Sweden)
  30. Pepins (Sweden)
  31. Accumeo (Sweden)
  32. Stomea (France)
  33. Tokimo (France)
  34. Look & Fin (Belgium)
  35. Estateguru (Estonia)
  36. Acrosscrowd (Slovakia)
  37. Broccoli (the Netherlands)
  38. PlusPlus (the Netherlands)
  39. Raizers (France)
  40. NPEX (the Netherlands)
  41. We Share Bonds (France)
  42. The Clique (France)
  43. Zinbaustein (Germany)


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