Oneplanetcrowd acquired by Invesdor

Oneplanetcrowd acquired by Invesdor

Dutch crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd has been acquired by the Finnish Invesdor Group. As a result of the takeover, together, the companies have invested over 438 million euros in sustainable companies. Both platforms will continue operating under their own name.

Impact investments

Oneplanetcrowd is a well-known Dutch crowdfunding platform, known for its sustainable impact investments. Startups or other companies that are pursuing sustainable goals can raise financing from retail investors through the platform. Oneplanetcrowd offers bonds as well as venture capital, usually in the form of (convertible) loans.

Oneplanetcrowd passed the milestone of €100 million in raised capital.

In September this year, the platform passed the milestone of 100 million euros in raised capital. It achieved this with the help of over 43,000 investors and 300 projects, such as equity crowdfunding projects for Yoni, VanMoof and Fairphone. Currently, NextKidney’s equity campaign is active on the platform.

Acquisition by Invesdor Group

Today, the crowdfunding platform announces that it has been acquired by the Finnish Invesdor Group. Invesdor was founded in 2012 and has grown into a well-known financing platform in Europe since then. According to the platform, it has more than 124,000 active users, who have invested over 320 million euros in 515 funding rounds.

Together, the platforms have over 170,000 active users.

On its platform, Invesdor offers equity campaigns for innovative European companies. Just like Oneplanetcrowd, it focuses on sustainable investing. Together, both platforms have over 170,000 active users, who have invested a total of 438 million euros in over 800 campaigns.

Acquisition prompted by new laws

After the acquisition is finalized, both companies will continue operating under their own names. According to co-founder of Oneplanetcrowd, Maarten de Jong, the acquisition was prompted by the new regulations for crowdfunding platforms in the EU. Together, both companies can accelerate their expansion in Europe.



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