Estateguru launches Investment Strategies

Estateguru launches Investment Strategies

Real estate investment platform Estateguru has launched a new feature: Investment Strategies. The new feature replaces the platform’s well-known feature Auto Invest. To make investment more accessible, Estateguru has set 50 euros as entry point, instead of its previous €250 minimum.

Estateguru is a real estate crowdfunding platform from Estonia. It was founded in 2014 and its feature Auto Invest made it possible for customers to automate their investments. According to Estateguru, over the years the platform received constructive feedback from its users and with that in mind, it has created a successor for Auto Invest called Investment Strategies.

Three strategies

After activating Investment Strategies, users can either choose a conservative or balanced investment strategy, with predefined parameters. The conservative strategy is suitable for investors who want to take a low-risk approach, while the balanced strategy is suited for investors who want to take more risks.

‘Users can choose a conservative, balanced or customizable investment strategy.’

There is also a third customizable option, where users can finetune their preferences. They can customize their preferred repayment period, the types of loans they would like to help fund, the exposure per project and borrower, the type of security, minimum interest, preferred markets and maximum Loan To Value, amongst others.

Funds automatically distributed

After choosing an investment strategy, users indicate a maximum amount they wish to assign to individual loans. The platform then automatically distributes a user’s funds into suitable investment opportunities.

‘No other change has been as frequently requested by our investors as this one.’

According to the platform, the updates brings more choice for users and fewer limitations. With a minimum entry point of 50 euros for all strategies, Estateguru wants to make investing more attainable to everyone. “No other change has been as frequently requested by our investors as this one, so we are very happy to deliver on your requests” says the platform in a blog post.


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