InRento reaches milestone of 20 million euros

InRento reaches milestone of 20 million euros

Lithuanian property investment platform InRento has reached the milestone of 20 million euros in investments raised. Currently, users profit from an average annual return on investment of 11 percent. “In just a few years of our history, we have managed to earn a high level of investor confidence with an increasingly strong investment performance”, says Deividas Urbanovičius, Head of Investor Relations at InRento.

InRento was founded in 2020, in Lithuania. It finances buy-to-let projects, giving investors the opportunity to earn interest from rental properties, without worrying about finding tenants or managing the property. Users can join a project by investing from 500 euros up. In 2022, the platform acquired Estonian real estate crowdfunding platform EvoEstate.

Average annual return of investment over 11%

According to the platform, it currently has more than 2.500 active investors. In total, they have earned over 1.3 million euros. None of the platform’s projects are late or in default. The platform has thus been able to generate substantial returns, as it has relatively low risks. This has lead to an average annual return of investment of more than 11 percent.

‘Return of investment is higher on all projects than initially indicated.’

Additionally, the company says that the return of investment on all projects is higher than was initially indicated. This is due to the company’s practice of capital gains and interest indexation.

‘5 million euros in less than 6 months’

The platform has now announced that it has reached a new milestone. “In September, we disclosed that we had attracted 15 million euros in investments, and less than half a year later, this figure has increased to more than 20 million euros”, says Deividas Urbanovičius.

Different investing styles

The platform has investors from several European countries. “Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands or Lithuania – we bring together an extensive range of investors who put their money into different buy-to-let projects. Interestingly, people from abroad tend to diversify their portfolios more. This may be related to the fact that they find it more difficult to assess the location of a project and to take into account the domestic market. Meanwhile, Lithuanians prefer to choose fewer projects and invest larger sums in them.”



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