Maclear: a new Swiss P2P platform

Maclear: a new Swiss P2P platform

The recently launched peer-to-peer investing platform Maclear offers European investors the opportunity to invest in businesses based in Switzerland or the European Union. To attract more investors, it currently offers a bonus to new customers.

Earlier this year, the peer-to-peer investing platform Maclear launched. It operates under Swiss regulations, as it is registered in Switzerland. However, its founders are from Estonia. Because of this, it can act as a financial intermediary of the non-banking sector in and from Switzerland. This means that, for example, the platform does not withhold any taxes on incomes earned by investors.

Plans for expansion

This also means that the platform can operate without having the ECSP license. Swiss regulations do impose some limitations, though. The platform has a 1 million euros threshold and a 60 days limitation for the funds of investors to be held on Maclear’s bank accounts.

‘We plan to open a subsidiary company for Maclear next year.’

The P2P platform currently connects Swiss and European investors to companies based in the European Union. However, it already has plans of expanding. “We plan to open a subsidiary company for Maclear next year, to be established in the European Union and to be fully qualified for the ECSP license”, says co-founder and CFO Alexandr Nikitin.

Investment campaigns from Estonia

Users can start investing from a minimum of 50 euros. According to the platform, investors can earn a yearly return on investments up to 16.5 percent. So far, the platform has launched investments campaigns from businesses in Estonia, as these come with higher interest rates, which makes them more attractive to potential investors.

‘Maclear wants to launch campaigns from various industries and markets soon.’

As the platform is relatively young, its portfolio is still quite small. It is planning on launching campaigns soon from various industries and market segments. That way, users can diversify their portfolios. Another issue for the platform is its amount of investors. It hopes to grow the number of customers.

‘Empty restaurant effect’

“We are trying to attract more customers and offer very advantageous bonuses and other temporary offerings to our potential investors, giving practically away all commissions and revenues the platform currently has. We do this purposely because unfortunately we currently experiencing an ‘empty restaurant effect’, where we may have a good service and food, but people passing by simply notice that almost no one is there, so it does not make sense to come in.”

For now, the platform offers a 3 percent extra annual interest, from its own commission received from borrowers after the completion of peer-to-peer lending campaigns. Additionally, it also offers a 30 euros bonus for each 500 euros invested.



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