New crowdfunding campaign LandEx for European expansion

New crowdfunding campaign LandEx for European expansion

Estonian land investment platform LandEx is holding a seeding round on Seedrs, the goal is to raise at least 100,000 euros. The raised funds will be used to boost its capacities, which will generate more revenue. The platform also wants to become regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Estonia with this capital injection.

Loan contracts

The trading platform aims to make investing in land accessible to retail investors in Europe. According to LandEx, farmland has low volatility. Additionally, the platform says that the fact that it is not correlated with a stock market and that it has a potential for high returns make it a good alternative asset class.

Users can invest in a plot with loan contracts that offer variable interests.

To invest in a plot, it offer loan contracts with variable interests. Users can start investing with only 10 euros. The platform also has a secondary market, where users can sell their shares.

€228,000 raised

Last year in April, the platform held its first pre-seed round and raised 50,000 euros. In a second round, it was able to raise 178,000 euros. With that funding, it opened its marketplace.

LandEx users have invested over €383,000 euros.

LandEx now has over 1,650 users from more than 26 countries. Together, they have invested over 383,000 euros in 17 listings. These represent over 70 hectares.

Expansion in Europe

The platform aims to keep growing and is now raising at least 100,000 euros. It wants to acquire more land by entering Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Portugal and other European countries. The funding will also be used to attract new German users, while also adding French to its app and website in order to attract French-speaking users.


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