8 crowdfunding platforms approved for EU licence

8 crowdfunding platforms approved for EU licence

Eight platforms are now approved for the new European licence for crowdfunding providers. Dutch platform NLInvesteert is the latest to receive the go-ahead. Crowdfunding platforms were supposed to be approved before November 10th, but the deadline has been pushed to next year.

The new Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation (ECSPR) allows platforms to raise capital across the European Union. To be approved, providers need to apply in a single member state and adhere to a uniform set of rules. These rules are meant to improve investor protection and transparency.

NLInvesteert latest platform to receive licence

Currently, 8 platforms have received the new European licence. The list includes 3 crowdfunding providers from the Netherlands. Dutch platform NLInvesteert is the latest to receive the green light for the ECSPR-licence.

The list includes 3 Dutch crowdfunding providers.

  1. Crowdcube
  2. CrowdedHero
  3. Lendahand
  4. Villyz
  5. Oneplanetcrowd
  6. Spredr
  7. SeedBlink
  8. NLInvesteert

The Netherlands-based Lendahand and Oneplanetcrowd received their authorisation previously. Moreover, Crowdcube (United Kingdom), CrowdedHero (Latvia), SeedBlink (Romania), Villyz (France) and Spreds (Belgium) are now approved under ECSPR.

‘Licence puts sector on path to professionalisation’

The latest platform to be authorised, NLInvesteert, shared the news this week. The company provides different types of funding for small- to medium-businesses. To date, NLInvesteert has raised 650 million euros.

“This is good for investors and the platforms themselves.”

CEO Dirkjan Takke commented: “We think it is important that these licenses exist. A tightening of transparency and investor protection will ultimately put our entire sector on a path of professionalisation. This is good for investors and for the platforms themselves.”

European crowdfunding platforms approved so far

Crowdcube, an equity crowdfunding platform from the United Kingdom, was the first to be approved through its Spanish branch. Latvian crowdfunding website CrowdedHero, also authorised under the new licence, links investors to growing European companies. The Paris-based Villyz offers peer-to-peer crowdfunding in green projects.

Crowdcube was the first platform to be approved.

Other ECSPR-approved platforms include Netherlands-based impact investors Lendahand and Oneplanetcrowd. Lendahand offers up to seven percent annual returns for projects in developing countries. Oneplanetcrowd was recently acquired by the Finnish Invesdor Group, together having funded over 438 million euros in total.

Romanian investment platform SeedBlink, offering startup investing, was authorised only recently. The Belgian Spreds, which aims to make investing accessible to anyone, has also been approved.


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