Dutch crowdfunding increases 48%

Dutch crowdfunding increases 48%

In 2022 over 1 billion euros was raised via crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands. That is a 48 percent increase compared to the year before. The amount was put towards more than 18,000 projects, mostly business loans.

The Netherlands is among the largest crowdfunding markets in Europe, alongside Germany, France, Italy and Norway. The data about crowdfunding in the Netherlands was reported on Investeerders.nl. Back in 2021, 730 million euros was raised through Dutch crowdfunding websites.

48% more invested in Dutch crowdfunding

A total of 1.08 billion euros was invested in crowdfunding in the Netherlands last year. That is a whopping 48 percent increase compared to 2021. With this amount 18,600 crowdfunding projects were funded, of which 40 percent were social projects and 39 percent were consumer loans. A smaller percentage consists of businesses and creative projects.

Most funding to real estate

Just like in previous years, most of the money went to businesses (90 percent), which are mostly real estate projects. On average, enterprises raised 350,000 euros. For creative projects, the total amount raised remained stable at 12 million euros.

The amount for personal loans more than doubled.

Social projects raked in less: an overall 25 million euros compared to over 30 million euros in 2021. In contrast, the total amount for personal loans more than doubled to 72 million euros.

Share sales grow

Loans are the most common form of financing. As much as 88 percent of the crowdfunded amount was put into a loan. In addition, the sale of shares is taking off in the Netherlands. This category raised 97 million euros, twice as much as the previous year.

The sale of shares is taking off.

Biggest platforms in the Netherlands

For the fourth year in a row, Collin Crowdfund is the largest platform in the Netherlands: the broker closed the year with a portfolio of over 460 million euros. Meanwhile, Collin Crowdfund has also passed the 500 million mark. Geldvoorelkaar follows with 390 million euros.

In addition, NLInvesteert has been crowned market leader. In 2022, the provider raised nearly 140 million euros. NLInvesteert is also the largest provider for loans. The market leader for venture capital is Eyevestor. For reward-based crowdfunding, Voordekunst received this title.

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