Mintos launches investing in ETFs

Mintos launches investing in ETFs

Latvian lending platform Mintos has launched a new product: Mintos Core ETF. The platform curates a collection of ETFs, personalized to user’s profiles. By doing so, it wants to simplify the process of investing in ETFs and ensure accessibility for all types of investors.

Mintos is a lending platform from Latvia. It started out as a peer-to-peer investing platform in 2015.  Last year, the platform reached 500,000 users. Back then, it already announced that it would launch regulated services in several countries. Now, it announces its new ETF product.

Passive income

With the new Mintos Core ETF, users can earn a passive income as the ETF portfolio is managed by the platform itself. Users can define investment goals and a risk profile, after which an ETF portfolio will automatically be generated. Market analysis and the timing of transactions are also handled by Mintos, which makes investing in ETFs a more hands-off process for investors.

‘Our collection of ETFs provides users with diversified exposure, which reduces risk.’

“Our expertly curated collection of ETFs provides you with diversified exposure, reducing risk and enhancing the potential for returns. We curate globally diversified portfolios, providing broad industry and regional representation in a single investment”, said the platform in a blog post. “At Mintos, our commitment to making investing accessible, dependable, and stress-free drives everything we do.”

‘Attainable for most budgets’

The minimum investment amount is 50 euros. This is made possible by investing a fractions of the ETFs. According to the platform, this makes diversified investing attainable for most budgets. While the investment is managed by the platform, users can choose to sell the ETFs anytime.



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